It is Our Job to Help You

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About Supreme Hydrations, Inc

Why choose our services

  • We are a Employment Consulting Firm

  •  A Deployment Consulting Group

  • We offer Virtual Solutions that enables Self Employment & Entrepreneurship for posterity Advancement 

  • We Connect single entity and enterprise businesses with fortune 1000+ companies and small businesses to provide them with Professional and financial support   

  • Our agents all work from home servicing some of the biggest names across several industries

  • Whether you are interested in Customer Service, Sales, Call Center-Technical Support, we have Clients that are looking for top tier agents to partner with

  • Our agents have the option of choosing what Clients or Companies they want to work for as well as when they want to work

  • We are constantly adding new contracts and partnerships and now more than ever, our Services and Agents are needed

Our process

  • Fill out a form with basic info

  • Register for an Account as an Independent Contractor

  • Validate your Identity with your mobile device and email contact info

  • Schedule a phone or Virtual consultation

  • Take an assessment to identify the best fit for your skills

  • Enroll in a Training course for Certification 

  • Complete Certification

  • Start earning revenue

Our obligation

  • Our Obligation is to deliver on every commitment

  • We strive to produce Top Tier Candidates who are committed to performing and delivering services that they have agreed to provide

  • To Empower those who are seeking to Oversee their own careers

  • To Optimize Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses with IBO Coaching, Support, Tools and Consulting for Opportunity. (Job placement)

  • Put our Employment Agency to the test

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!